Man, I never blog but I should! New cd out for the 1st time in awhile! 

Hey fans and hopefully friends,

While I was back in Michigan this summer we recorded the new Gutbucket(Brett Mitchell, Jake Krull and myself) album rhythm tracks live in Andy Reed's(bass player for the Verve Pipe) studio in Bay City.  What can I say?  Well it turned out pretty well after I overdubbed most of the solo's and vocals back in NYC in my studio to finish what we started

The link to buy the album is here.... 5

I hope you dig it!!!!  Short but sweet......


Dave Kellan

Happy New Year!!!(Rounder Than The Sound new video now on youtube!!!) 

Check out the new "rounder than the sound" vid on my youtube channel!!!  The link is!  I hope you enjoy it everyone!  Feel free to comment on it as well! 

I'm also in the process of recording a stripped down acoustic album in my very PK Studio here in Queens!  It will be recorded live with vocals/guitar and maybe a few other guitar overdubbs!  It will be my rawest recording to date.  Just wanted to do something quick and to the point for the real fans.   The new electric album is also underway and should be out by the summer...

Take care and please stay in touch on my facebook fanpage as well!  Happy 2011!


New album, showcase and video 

Well hello everyone who reads this....

The fat lady has almost sung on my "Rounder Than The Sound" cd but I am still ordering another 1000 copies (2000 sold to date!) and releasing a "Rounder Than The Sound" music video which was shot it HD in Long Beach NY by the amazingly talented Doogan Entertainment!  It is the best video I have have ever had and I am excited to showcase it on the web!

There are many shows coming up as I head back to MI for the holidays so please stop and out and rock with us!  There are no shortage of shows anymore and I have to say I am quite pleased with weekly onslaught of work I've been getting.  A national tour is finally on the horizon as well.  On another note,  the kind and very talented Gavin Degraw is putting Jenny and I in front of legendary Clive Davis next month for a possible record deal on her album I co-wrote and produced for J Records.  Cross your fingers!

Working on the new album and my PK studios and really starting to get some ideas down with some killer musicians I've been working with out here in NY.  I'll keep you posted!

Happy Holidays!



 Been doing some writing lately....   Gigs are always happening.   Summer and fall always seem to inspire.   Look for a new cd out some time in 2011...  Hopefully in the middle of the year.  Just went to an Allan Holdsworth show tonight with Jenny and her mother, Miryam.  They really seemed to enjoy it.  He blew our minds!!!

Jenny  Aspinwall's album is as good as done.  Going to have her cousin Richard Aspinwall mix and master this wonderful project as we begin to wrap it up.  Richard engineered a lot of Garth Brooks albums as well as notable others in Nashville.  He now resides in Miami.  The horn work that Paul Booth(Steve Winwood) did is great and the percussive sounds of my roomate and drummer Eamon Ellams adds a worldly texture to my bass lines and guitar tracks.  I must say I am quite proud of this music her and I have created together.  Hopefully we will make some waves with "If You Really Want Me."

Peace from out East,


Welcome to 

Hey everyone!

Can't believe this is the 1st blog I have put up on here.  Inbetween playing 4-5 shows a week, rehearsals, recording, and travel it's been hard to get this blog let alone this website up and running again.  There are many things in the works including the release of Jenny Aspinwalls album (which I have co-written and produced) as well as tracking for my new album.  Have to sort through a bit of material as I have many songs to consider for the next project.  Some tunes have already been demo'd out in the home studio.  Writing is coming back into focus as the Summer shows fade into a more mellow Fall atmosphere.

NYC has been very good to me over the last 3 years.   This month of Aug 2010 marks the 3 year anniversary since coming to the NYC area. Crazy opportunities here and I would encourage any talented, but more importantly driven artist to move into this neck of the woods.(Or lack thereof)

I am an avid facebooker so please check out my music page on there!  The support on there is awesome and my reverbnation page is coming along as well.

Until next time.....