Welcome to DaveKellan.com

Hey everyone!

Can't believe this is the 1st blog I have put up on here.  Inbetween playing 4-5 shows a week, rehearsals, recording, and travel it's been hard to get this blog let alone this website up and running again.  There are many things in the works including the release of Jenny Aspinwalls album (which I have co-written and produced) as well as tracking for my new album.  Have to sort through a bit of material as I have many songs to consider for the next project.  Some tunes have already been demo'd out in the home studio.  Writing is coming back into focus as the Summer shows fade into a more mellow Fall atmosphere.

NYC has been very good to me over the last 3 years.   This month of Aug 2010 marks the 3 year anniversary since coming to the NYC area. Crazy opportunities here and I would encourage any talented, but more importantly driven artist to move into this neck of the woods.(Or lack thereof)

I am an avid facebooker so please check out my music page on there!  The support on there is awesome and my reverbnation page is coming along as well.

Until next time.....