Been doing some writing lately....   Gigs are always happening.   Summer and fall always seem to inspire.   Look for a new cd out some time in 2011...  Hopefully in the middle of the year.  Just went to an Allan Holdsworth show tonight with Jenny and her mother, Miryam.  They really seemed to enjoy it.  He blew our minds!!!

Jenny  Aspinwall's album is as good as done.  Going to have her cousin Richard Aspinwall mix and master this wonderful project as we begin to wrap it up.  Richard engineered a lot of Garth Brooks albums as well as notable others in Nashville.  He now resides in Miami.  The horn work that Paul Booth(Steve Winwood) did is great and the percussive sounds of my roomate and drummer Eamon Ellams adds a worldly texture to my bass lines and guitar tracks.  I must say I am quite proud of this music her and I have created together.  Hopefully we will make some waves with "If You Really Want Me."

Peace from out East,